Sambhasha 2013 All island inter school Announcing & Technical competition was held successfully on 13th of July at school premises exploring talents in technical and announcing field among students of every part of the country.More than 800 students were participated as the competitors and the competition was judged by experienced announcers and technicians from private and public media channels. This competition  became ''the first school media unit which added the video category'' for a school based competition. Anouncing,Dubbing,Sports Commentry,Audio were the other categories of the competition.

We would like to thank and appreciate  all who gave an immense contribution to success this event including the Principal and Teachers In charge of NCCU,The Judges,Old boys of NCCU, main food sponser;Rasa Bojun, and all the members of NCCU™.

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The colours awarding ceremony of Nalanda College was held on 04thof June 2013 at Waters Edge awarding students who made victories in sports on all-island and international level.The Chief Guest of the event was the Deputy Speaker of Sri Lankan Parliament Hon.Chamal Rajapaksha.



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 The leading Buddhist institution in the country, and the heart of Sinhala Buddhist heritage,Nalanda College was transformed into one monastery, in which more than 1000 students, along with their teachers and staff ,took part in the annual Sil programme 0n the 23rd of May in accordance with the Vesak festivities.      As always, as the pioneer school media unit in the country, NCCU was the binding force which united all sections of the school under one system, providing the necessities to all the sections in which each grade conducted their Sil programme.   



Nalanda College team  leaded by Lahiru   Jayakodi elected bat first and scored 186  runs in 8 wickets.Ananda college team captained  by Thushara Samarakoon  scored 187 runs within 7 wickets wining the 39thencounter for the 23rdtime.

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“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” 
― Charles William Eliot